ilker demirkol

Ramon y Cajal Research Professor
Department of Telematics Eng.
Univ. Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya

Wireless Networking Group


c/ Jordi Girona 1-3, Modul C3
Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, 08034
Tel: +34 93 4011055
Fax: +34 93 4011058
Skype: ilkerdem
ilker.demirkol (at)

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research areas
Protocols and architectures for wired and wireless networks, cellular, mobile ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and heterogenous networks; energy efficiency and cooperation of wireless networks; modeling, performance analysis and optimization of protocols; telecommunication engineering.
selected projects
SCM Wake-up design

Wake-up Radio is a promising technology to enable energy-efficient, rendezvousless communication.

LTE Backhauling with WiFi

Softwarized LTE/5G network solutions: Wireless LTE backhauling through WiFi, LTE Self-Backhauling, LTE-WiFi Aggregation, ...

nst-protocol stack
Holistic Internet of Things network performance analysis through testbed experiments: IETF IoT stack, ZigBee, etc.
Rescuecell logo

Implementation and testing of a SDR-based portable GSM base station for a kit to locate trapped and buried people in ruins and avalanches.

RBMulticast illustration

5G Flexible Backhaul/Fronthaul Solution for converged optical and wireless networks to connect Small Cells to the core network.

VLC node

Visible Light Communication studies. In the photo: A wireless node controlling an LED to modulate information using light.

coap-protocol stack

Internet of Things Congestion control methods based on IETF-protocol CoAP

DALI diagram

Implementation of Dual Connectivity for LTE based on i) realtime ns-3 interfacing NI SDR through NI LTE API, ii) Open Air Interface LTE/EPC software.